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Updated: Sep 10, 2022

There are always many aspects to one situation, and this past two year process has been no different.

COVID 2020 brought great change to our reality. Where you were in your personal evolutionary growth depended on how that change played out in your life. There were personal and spiritual challenges. For many, fears, traumas and distortions from ancestral conditioning rose up from the depths of the sub conscious mind to be revealed, healed and released. Challenging life situations arose, testing you to your limit in relationships, work and home life. There were those who initially blissed out in the first lockdown and then found themselves facing their challenges later in 2020 and 2021.

This was major transformation what ever the mainstream narrative was transmitting.

Many light workers had to withdraw from centre stage, to undertake their own transformation in readiness for the time of the great healing.

Which is the door we all stand before NOW. Personally, it was a mix of all the above and concluded on the 4th April 2022 in losing my home, work, retreat centre and spiritual family. I had to face many of my own distortions, negative beliefs and programs. IT WAS TIME TO MOVE ON. I have recently returned from Egypt, walking the path of the initiates in the Ancient Egyptian Mysteries. This was the most momentous, life changing journey of my life so far. Organised by Antoinette Lyons Glynn, who in my opinion is the only person who can guide you through this ascension process. Check out her website for upcoming Ascension Journeys

From this experience I have returned with many gifts to share, including my story and offering the opportunity in the future to join me on a Egyptian Metaphysical Healing Journey..

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