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EGYPTIAN CEREMONIAL ESSENTIAL OIL RANGE - Organic - Cold Pressed - Alcohol Free - Carrying the High Vibrational frequencies of the Nile and the ancient Egyptian Deities.

These are the purest and highest quality oils in the world. They are produced by the Nubian Egyptians in the traditional ways they have used for thousands of years. They are cold pressed and alcohol free. All the plants, flowers and herbs are grown on family lands along the banks of the Nile, lands that have only been used for this purpose for thousands of years which means they already carry a high frequency making them extremely special. These oils carry the additional light codes of spiritual activation which was channelled through me for the healing and awakening of humanity after I had walked the path of the initiates in the ways of the ancient Egyptian mystery schools.

Cold pressed oils can be applied direct to the skin which I have tried, with no adverse effects. Please test for your own sensitivity.

ALMOND OIL 110ml £50

Not the cheapest BUT definitely the best I have ever used. Smelling so strongly of almonds. Wow is the first expression from everyone so far who I tested it on.

BERGAMOT 10ml £15

Increases Positivity Reduces inflammation and skin complaints.

BLACK SEED Flax 110ml £40

Not the cheapest BUT definitely the best I have used. Spiritually: Cleanses Negativity and childhood trauma, promotes clarity. Health: Boosts immune system, antibacterial and antiviral.

BLUE LOTUS Rare 10ml £25

Spiritual Activator, for awakening and ascension. It holds and magnifies your healing intentions Purifies negativity, cleansing and calming, it relieves headaches.

CLOVE 10ml £15

Can be ingested. Releases negative blockages, Promotes inner peace and eases tooth pain.

CRANBERRY 10ml £15

Rich in antioxidants boosts collagen and improves skin elasticity.


Deeply sensual it is an aphrodisiac and promotes feelings of prosperity and abundance. Heart opening.

EUCALYPTUS - 10ml £20

Eucalyptus is sacred to the Egyptians and this oil is incredible for soothing the mind promoting relaxation with a hint of a remembering who you are and why you came here.


Promotes connection to spiritual intuition. Grounding and balancing. Relieves anxiety.

GARLIC - 10ml £11.50

Beautiful strong Garlic. Can be used in food and ingested to boost immune system. Antiviral.


A Nubian secret blend of oils promoting a deep connection with the Hathors. To receive their special heart healing. Removes the veils of delusion and illusion to promote a deeper experience of beauty, love and abundance.

ISIS ANOINTING OIL - Rare 10ml £20

A Nubian secret blend of oils promoting a deep connection with the Goddess Isis. Clears negativity and promotes clarity of heart and mind


I love this oil deeply sensual, spiritual. Relieving stress and anxiety.

LAVENDER - 10ml - £10

This is a special Lavender promoting deep relaxation, sleep and healing.

LEMON - 10ml £25

Not the cheapest but OMG such an amazing Lemon oil. So good for cleansing and purifying negativity Spiritually uplifting.

MYRHH - 10ml £30

Promotes spiritual awakening, Lifts negativity, Grounding.

NARCISSUS Rare - 10ml £15

Opens the Heart Centre, promotes love for yourself which always relieves stress anxiety and creates healing.

NUBIAN JASMINE Rare - 10ml £30

The Ancient Nubian Jasmine. Deepens connection with Sekhmet and the divine feminine power.

PAPYRUS Rare - 10ml £30

Facilitates soul connection. Releasing the past and focuses the mind into NOW

QUEEN of EGYPT Rare - 10ml £20

A Nubian secret Blend of oils to connect women with their divine feminine self. Promoting self esteem and confidence, eternal beauty and youth.

ROSE Absolute - 10ml £25

Promoting Self Love, Love of the divine. It connects you to your own divinity. Heals and Relaxes the body, mind and soul.

ROYAL AMBER - 10ml £25

Another special Egyptian oil for calming, grounding and bringing clarity to confusion by relieving stress. Reducing brainwaves making it good for meditation

SANDAL WOOD- 10ml £25

Purifies negativity. Promotes deep connection to the earth bringing clarity of mind.


A Nubian secret blend of oils promoting a deep connection with Sekhmet, Mother of all lost children and healer of our wounded inner child. Opens the ears to hear the wisdom of the heart, the wisdom of the divine feminine.

Watercress Oil – 10ml £15

Ingestible this oil contains high levels of Vitamin A and C. Promotes skin Elasticity and firmness. For youthful appearance apply regularly. It can also help to alleviate scalp conditions and promote healthy Shiny hair

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