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A rainbow warrior or a wanderer?

And what does that imply?

It means your higher self chose a path of service for this lifetime - to assist humanity in ascending to a higher vibrational reality, through self-healing and reconnection to your eternal self.

Star seeds fall into many stereotypes and lifestyles from the egotistical extrovert to the deeply humble introvert and all the many variations in between.

Many chose as part of their personal mission to stop the continuance of a toxic ancestral line filled with childhood abuse.

Their personal gamble is to avoid becoming enmeshed in the matrix of Maya.

The channel wishes to help re-connect any struggling wanderers who feel the call to join us on retreat.

Not sure if this is you? Have fun taking the quiz below.

1. Are you super sensitive?

2. Did you, as a child feel like you were adopted or did not belong in your family?

3. Did you experience outbursts of anger and cruelty in your life as physical pain?

4. Do selfless acts of kindness in others bring tears to your eyes?

5. Do you still sky and stargaze with the same fascination as you did in childhood?

6. And while you were gazing at the sky did you ever feel you were being watched from above as if you were inside a snow globe?

7. Do you feel rejuvenated being in nature?

8. Do you feel it is easier to relate to animals than human beings?

9. Do you relate to the consciousness within each being rather than to their physical bodies?

10. Did you experience an overwhelming inner desire to cause no harm to others even if this caused you more pain?

11. Did you feel you did not belong on planet Earth and feel a yearning to ”Go Home”?.

12. Do you feel that acts of compassion and kindness have more value than material wealth?

13. Have you felt that words are such an inadequate form of communication?.

14. Are you an empath?

15. Do you experience regular physical pain that has no medical diagnosis?

16. Do you have suicidal thoughts?; but would never act upon them because you know fulfilling your life mission is paramount.

17. Does it cause pain and confusion within you when people lie or deliberately manipulate you by withholding the truth?.

Award 1 point for each YES answer.

A score of 6 and over - You are a star seed.

A score of 5 and below - You may not be a star seed but you could be an earth being - a shaman - a yogi or from the ancient world of fairy. All of equal service to humanity and all part of the intricate web of light that weaves its way back to the source.

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