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About the Peace Prayer

This prayer was downloaded to me one ceremonial night using parts of an old Zen Prayer called “Peace to all beings” and weaving in new stanza’s to complete this universal invocation.

My personal directive was to speak it from my heart, in and out of ceremony until planet Earth transitioned to 4th Density and humanity finally awakened from the chains of mind control .

Over the last two years the Madre has been tweaking this prayer until finally I was asked to create this beautiful visual, adding the ancient Indian healing Mantra “Trayambakam” sung by Sarka Elias. A being of so much love and integrity, her voice carries the pure light vibration of healing transformation and I am so grateful to her for allowing me to use this track .

I am truly blessed to call her sister.

Please share this prayer and may it find its way to all who are suffering in fear.

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