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Fiona Johnson

Has spent most of her life developing her gift as a medium. Since childhood she was taught how to channel information directly from spirit. Her training with the Institute of Spiritualist Mediums and years of Zen practise have further refined her gifts as a channel.

Fifi is a fully qualified Journey Practitioner and has worked extensively to help people release deep trauma and blockages from their lives. This has led to her current Shamanic work with the Madre guiding people through the deep healing process of unlocking and releasing past trauma.

Fifi has just completed the path of the initiates in Egypt, following the path of the seven seals from Edfu Temple to the great pyramid in Giza. This has changed her work and made two new connections. The great white brotherhood who inhabit the valley of the kings and Goddess Sekhmet. Their mission is to wake up humanity.

To get in touch with Fifi please contact

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